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PLASMOCOM brings together the leading European  laboratories in the field of plasmonics under the  umbrella of a common task: to develop and implement  novel concepts for micro- and nano-scale dynamic and  active photonic components based on metal/polymer  nanostructures. By utilizing the unique properties of  metallic systems that allow both optical and electrical  signals to be transmitted along the same metallic  circuitry, this approach will provide a route to innovative integrated components combining photonics and  electronics on the same chip. The proposed technology  makes use of surface plasmon polaritons— electromagnetic excitations that propagate along and  are bound to an interface between a metal and a  dielectric. These surface electromagnetic waves enable  the manipulation of optical signals on a subwavelength   scale and, therefore, are uniquely suitable for  applications in integrated photonics circuits and the  development of electronically-driven and all-optical  photonic devices.




Recent news:
PLASMOCOM tackles the burning problem of plasmonics: compensation of propagation loss: see recent articles.


Recent article:
Nano Letters 9, 2935 (2009)
Optics Letters 34, 2864 (2009)


Recent conference:
SSOP, Porquerolles


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